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Unsolicited Comments from Satisfied Owners

Henry Waszczuk, North Port, FL

"Over the past 20 years I have hosted and produced over 600 fishing shows in hundreds of different boats; let me tell you by experience, that there is no boat like an Action Craft."

"My choice is an Action Craft - make it yours!"

Captain Richard Stuhr, Charleston, SC

"In Charleston, we fish year 'round. During the colder months, it's important to stay dry and store extra clothing out of the way. My 1890 gives me a dry and comfortable ride and has plenty of convenient storage. The 1890 is able to handle heavy chop, yet it easily slips into the shallowest flats. I love it!"

Captain Vaughn Cochran, Key West, FL

"Trim up and go for it". I've never fished a customer that wasn't impressed with my Action Craft (1760). Everything fits & was put together with some thought as to how it was going to be used. The smoothest ride in a heavy chop: You brace for the pounding that never happens. You know you can go where you have to go. The team at Action Craft proved they really cared about the boat I got, from the designer to my local dealer, Murray Marine, my next boat will be another Action Craft."

Captain Rick Grassett, Sarasota, FL

"I shopped my Action Craft l81O for over a year before making a decision. I looked at practically everything on the market and I found that the 18l0 was the best boat for me. It has the layout I was looking for: A good combination of deck space, cockpit space and the fit and finish both inside and outside was excellent. Also, the storage compartments and live well layout does a great job for me as a guide boat. I can store a large amount of my own gear as well as whatever my customers may show up with--and it will stay dry. The ride of the boat, which played a major part in my decision, is excellent. It will handle 2 or 3 anglers in a moderate chop with ease. The fishability of the boat is great! It is a very stable platform and 3 people standing on one side of the boat will not cause it to lean. The back rest is one of the best features of the boat. I would not do without it. On a full day of fishing, it is a pleasure to sit down and rest your back occasionally. I find that because of the layout of the boat and the back rest, I am much less tired at the end of a hard day of fishing. One of my customers questioned my need for buying a new boat prior to buying my l810. After riding in my 18l0, they understood perfectly why I made the decision. They felt the ride of the boat was outstanding."

Captain Troy Perez, Coco Beach, FL

"I have owned several Action Crafts over the past ten years, The reason is they're sturdy, tough and (have) the versatility to go in the River AND the Ocean, I like all the storage room and the comfortable ride, I love my Action Craft!"

Captain Richard Bradley COCOA BEACH, FL

"Guiding with an Action Craft is a fringe benefit of my profession and makes for many successful outings. There is no other boat that handles as well in both smooth and choppy waters, our passengers feel comfortable and safe carving toward fishing locations though narrow mangrove passes or heading back to the ramp across choppy open bays. A typical daily decision may be... Are we poling the Banana River flats stalking redfish or buzzing the beach for bait and tarpon? In either case I can count on my Action Craft to perform almost any inshore task without complaint or sacrifice.

Bait similar to greenies, pilchards & mullet require lots of circulation and water volume and the Action Craft 1820 has 25 and 15 gallon live wells circulating up to 1100 gallons per hour. Since we live bait extensively our customers require reliable wells with maximum water exchange and aeration for lively fresh bait, Action Craft meets the mark with it's tightly integrated system that's as dependable as our Florida Sunshine.

Without exception, I have a comment every outing about how much storage space is available. Action Craft's engineers have generously designed organization with ample locker space, spacious coolers, convenient anchor and rod storage. Once you fish with an Action Craft you'll not be able to switch to another... don't take my word for it, call Lagooner Guiding Services and book your next outing on our Action Craft., you'll see the difference! The Action Craft difference."

Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner, Inc. 204 Garfield Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
(321) 868-4953

Captain Doug Sinclair

"Customers, young and old, want to have fun and at the same time they want to feel safe and dry. My Action Craft 1890 easily accommodates 3 or 4 people, provides a very smooth ride, and handles so well in very rough water, especially crossing large yacht wakes, that customers are really amazed that this is possible in a flats boat. The 1890 is the best boat for the flats or back country fishing. It is a great fishing platform for light tackle or fly fishing."

"Thank you Action Craft, this is a boat you could fall in love with."

Captain Tim Masten

"Weather fishing the shallow flats for Reds and Trout or running the beaches looking for Tarpon and Cobia this vessel can take you there in comfort."

Images of boats depict only one possible engine configuration. Buyers determine engine manufacturer and horsepower (Horsepower must be at or less than maximum). For all information contained on this website, Action Craft Boats reserves the right to change specification, equipment, color schemes, and pricing; and/or discontinue models at any time without notice or obligation. Some of the boats show include optional or dealer installed equipment. Please see your local dealer for more detailed information.