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QUIet and DRY Fishing Comfort

There are some Flats boats made that keep you dry in rough water, and there are some that are quiet when stalking fish on the flats, but not many that do both. The solution to this problem was the creation of Action Craft's patented Qui-Dry® hull design.

Our design incorporates a transitional chine at the bow water line, allowing an increased angle for water to roll off the hull, rather than slap. This reduces the noise that spooks fish. A built-in spray rail above the water line, and our modified running strakes on the bottom of the hull, decrease the wetted surface of the boat. This feature directs water away in a manner that produces a sheet, rather than a spray, of water. This yields a much dryer and more comfortable ride when running through choppy coastal waters.

The images below show our Qui-Dry® hull. The one to the left is one of the original sketches that led to Qui-Dry. The one to the right is a picture from our factory tour showing the Qui-Dry design of the hull.

Images of boats depict only one possible engine configuration. Buyers determine engine manufacturer and horsepower (Horsepower must be at or less than maximum). For all information contained on this website, Action Craft Boats reserves the right to change specification, equipment, color schemes, and pricing; and/or discontinue models at any time without notice or obligation. Some of the boats show include optional or dealer installed equipment. Please see your local dealer for more detailed information.