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Action Craft's exclusive Pocket Drive® gives you modified "V" performance and shallow draft

Without Pocket Drive

With Pocket Drive

Pocket Drive

Some hard-core flats anglers are aware they can get a smoother, faster ride from a modified "V" hull, but they have refused to give up the one advantage a flat bottom can provide - shallow draft. Now they don't have to.

Action Craft's Pocket Drive is the most important breakthrough in shallow water fishing since the pushpole. Pocket Drive gives you five big advantages by enabling you to mount the engine three or four inches higher than on conventional transoms.

1. Rather than directing water flow to the prop in a straight line behind the keel, Pocket Drive sends water upward. That makes it possible to mount the engine much higher than a convential transom, so draft is reduced accordingly. When used with a jack plate the motor can be mounted even higher.

2. Pocket Drive reduces the amount of the engine which drags below the boat. Less wetted surface means greater efficiency- higher speed and lower fuel consumption.

3. Action Craft's Pocket Drive transom is three full inches higher than transoms on other boats designed for standard drive shaft length motors. That added height can save three inches of water from coming inboard after a sudden stop or in a following sea.

4. Since the engine's lower unit and prop are mounted higher, they suffer less wear and tear from contact with the bottom.

5. Pocket Drive shoots cleaner water to the engine's cooling system intake. That means longer impeller life and less engine overheating and powerhead failure due to water pump breakdown.

Images of boats depict only one possible engine configuration. Buyers determine engine manufacturer and horsepower (Horsepower must be at or less than maximum). For all information contained on this website, Action Craft Boats reserves the right to change specification, equipment, color schemes, and pricing; and/or discontinue models at any time without notice or obligation. Some of the boats show include optional or dealer installed equipment. Please see your local dealer for more detailed information.